Enter Perfect K- Cup Sweepstakes To Win Coffee For Life

How does the idea of a free cup of coffee for the rest of your life sound to you? If this is an idea that appeals to you, then this article will definitely warm your heart, read on.

K-cup the coffee brewer, per- excellence ,is running a sweepstake where one of the participants stands to win a cup of coffee every day for the rest of their natural life- yes , get that straight , everyday for the rest of their natural life! In addition to this out of this world offer participants stand a chance of winning some prize money that totals some $ 4,000. This offer, that is open to residents of the USA, runs to the end of this year. There are two basic categories of prizes on offer here – instant win prizes and sweepstake prices.  In the folder of instant win prizes are a K pack sample brewer, and one Kreiguer brewer. In the sweepstakes prizes folder, the price on offer is the $ 4,000 and the offer of a cup of coffee for the rest of one’s life- unbelievable but true, a cup of coffee for the rest of your life. The natural question at this point should be as follows-   How exactly do I get on this bandwagon?  A guideline on how you can join the gravy train is give below.

Guidelines On How You Can Be A Part Of The Sweepstake:

  • Your first port of call should be on the following website: www.PerfectKCup.com
  • When you click on this link, you will be ushered to a web page where you have to click on the register link;
  • Registration will only require that you submit your e-mail address and you are good to go. Registration here simply means that you have agreed to enter the perfect K coffee competition.

About The Brands:

All this focus ultimately leads to the brand under which this offer is being made. The brand in question is Green Mountain Coffee. Under this stable there are over 135 brands of coffee from different climes across the globe.  The entity is big on social responsibility and has consequently set out to develop the areas where it extracts coffee beans from. Green Mountain coffee believes in the philosophy that customer is king, and thus the entire process that goes into the making of coffee – from the time the bean is roasted to the time you get your cup of coffee that the highest ethical standards are followed. This is a brand that spells out one word – quality.

The long and short of the matter is this, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you definitely stand to win from the offer that is being proffered by this company. What stands between you and the assurance that you get a cup of coffee everyday for the rest of your life or prized gifts such as brewers is just a simple registration process – simple in the sense that all you need to give is your e-mail address, get registered today and stand a chance to be enlisted.

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