How To Play At PetPet Park

For the early education of growing children nickelodeon is the best site for teaching them with visual games. They also have launched a website where virtual pets can be adopted and can be named as one can want. This is a kind of social media website in a sense that users can interact with other players and hence increasing the relationships among people. To login at this site is quite easy and is done with in few minutes.

The users of this site have fun and also some educational things are present here to learn. Points can be earned and then they are used to purchase clothes and feeding materials for the pets they have adopted. Along with pet game there are also some other games that can be played to make points and then have entertainment with your children.


  • Access the web address from your web browser.
  • At the center of the home page a yellow colored button “new user” is given go to it.
  • The registration page will be opened where you have to select your pet from the given five.
  • Click on the green colored “next” button.
  • Choose either your pet would be girl or boy and a color for your pet then click on the “next” button.
  • Type the name for your pet which must include letters and number and click on the button “check availability” and if accepted then click on “next”.
  • Click on the button “create new account” from the next opened page.
  • You have to type your name, password and select your date of birth from the drop down menu and click on “next”.
  • Select your country from the drop down menu.
  • Select your gender and type your email address and tick the circle given for the acceptance of terms and conditions. And click on “next”.
  • On the next page are given with different gifts from which you have to select one, after selecting one click on “next”.
  • Your gift details will be shown click on “next” after reading them all.
  • You are registered now at Petpet Park. And next time you just need to login.


The registration at the following game site is simple and accessible at your ease. You just need your basic information and you can be the member of this site.

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