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About Company

Asurion is a telecommunications company that was founded in 1994. From its start in in the Silicon Vally it has come a long way and is the largest provider of wireless road side assistance and wireless hand set insurance around the globe. The company is a partner with many of the largest wireless service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Bell Canada.

Asurion operates customer services centers at Costa Rica, Texas, Missouri, Kansas City and many others. The major products of the company road side assistance services, mobile protection, handset protection, electronics protection through insurance and provision of technical support.

Why A Separate Handset Cover Is Needed?

Hand set theft is the highest ranking risk faced by mobile phone users. With everything going online our handsets are now containing almost every piece of personal information in one way or the others. With the advent of smart telephony devices and palm tops data is literally in the hands. What has come along this mobility of telephony devices is an enhanced danger of data loss. Loss of a handset today can cause you loss of fund in an online accessible account, loss credit card details, loss of a confidential communication between business partners and the list goes on.

Asurion Insurance Cover

To minimize the extent of loss by theft or accidental damage Asurion provides its insurance services as a third party licensed insurance agency. The policy covers for handset lost, handset theft and accidental damage incidents. The policy is coupled with added services like remote locking of lost device and remote removal of contact lists from lost phones. Online tracking through GPS of the lost device is also available to Asurion policyholders.

Moreover an online claims filing and claims management process helps customers file a claim even late in the night, while they cannot access any office.

How To File An Online Claim

The process of filing a claim with Asurion is very simple and claim payment is very efficient.

Who Can File A Claim Online?

A policy holder can file a claim within 60 days of device’s theft or lost.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit the website of Phoneclaim at within 60 days of the occurrence of the event that gave rise to your claim.
  2. Select your carrier to allow Asurion to identify you and follow instruction to complete the claim filing process.
  3. Click on File a Claim and provide general information like wireless number , contact details.
  4. Type in the security code to verify yourself as a human user.
  5. Provide incident details to ensure that the company is aware of each and every detail. This will help you prove your claim so be as specific as possible. Better use your insurance policy to check if the incident qualifies for a claim.
  6. Provide phone details, shipping address, and deductible payment.
  7. Review your details before hitting “Submit”. You cannot change details after this point and any subsequent changes will have to follow through a revised claim filing procedure.


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