How To View Your Red Light Violation Video Online

The world has surely paced forward in the advancement of technology. There was a time when you didn’t even know why you were ‘awarded’ with the traffic ticket. You mostly blamed the traffic officer in charge and argued your brain out in the process. But now, all that fretting with the traffic police has been put to end by just one answer, “go home and see what you did on!” is an allotment of the Redflex Traffic System in the USA that allows the recipients of traffic certification to view their red light violation video recorded by the red light cameras. These cameras may be mobile or even fixed.The company provides services like monitoring vehicle camera and enforcing the traffic laws that the US government has set up for its citizens. The website, and the video primarily, shows why you have been cited, so that you learn a lesson and follow the law whenever you are behind the wheel.

How to View your Red Light Violation Video?

The procedure is simple, fast and safe. You can access these videos whenever you want to because they remain in the system for a very long time. You only need to have the following things to view your violation video:

  • An internet connection on your PC
  • A traffic citation with a number printed on it
  • The license plate number of your automobile

It is obvious that without the above mentioned things you cannot view your violation video and possibly you may not even have to view them at all. Now do the following steps:

  • Visit the website
  • Fill in the required information that includes, your citation number, city code and your license plate number
  • Follow the instruction to view your violation video
  • Now that you’ve seen what you are cited for and accepted it, you may want to pay your citation fee
  • To pay your citation fee, follow the appropriate links and guidelines
  • For any questions and confusions, refer to the FAQs page @

Definitely no one would want to get a traffic ticket, especially when you don’t even know the reason what you are being cited for. This website allows people to know why they are getting them and what they should avoid the next time. If you are cited, you should visit this website and,without wasting any time, view the red light camera video of the violation.




  • November 4, 2017

    Lenora Haken

    I have tried several times to view the video of my violation. I have typed in the city code number per my violation and the citation number per my violation on When I click “next” nothing happens. Is the city code or violation number incorrect? I would like to view this video and would appreciate any help you can provide so I may ease my mind that I would have committed this violation.

  • July 9, 2018

    Tanja Hebron

    I am trying to gain access to the video of the red light violation. There are numbers on my violation sheet, that don’t give the city code. I’ve put in my citation number and the numbers that may be city code #. Not getting any response. Would appreciate some help, so I can prove my innocence. Thank you.

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