Dave Lennox Premier Dealer Survey Giving You $500

People are more attracted towards the survey when they come to know that they can get some prizes or discounts on it. After doing a little effort they can earn $500 from the store, isn’t it a superb offer? The companies have adopted this way to attract the customers towards them. Not only for the sake of attraction but also for the improvement and progress, these surveys are conducted. Some may think how these surveys can help in progress, so the answer to it is that when the customers will point out all the drawbacks of a company they will automatically try to remove them from their services so there could be no problem for the customers in shopping there.

As the era is of internet so like many other companies this company has also launched its survey site where the survey is available just far from one click.


  • The company has posted its survey over www.premierdealersurvey.com .
  • On the home page under the welcome note there is a blank field.
  • To take the survey it is necessary for you to have the invitation with you.
  • Type the invitation code in the given area.
  • Hit the “submit” button to proceed.
  • You will be directed to the next page where the survey questions are given.
  • Carefully read the questions and answer them with full concentration.
  • After you have completed the survey press the button “done”.
  • If you are willing to make your prize of $500 to be $600 then visit this link to review your product www.lennox.com/products/reviews/submission.asp? And get entered into the list of lucky winners.


The survey leaves you with the cash prize of $500 or some times it could be changed into $600 if you make a product review. It is a golden chance for you to shop more at your favorite store. The home appliances, that will last long for years can now be purchased at discounts and it is quite good news for many of the customers trying to renovate their houses.

About Company:

David Lennox is the founder of this premier dealer and he established his business in 1895. The company is famous for the sale of heating and air conditioning home appliances. The people living in United States are most likely to purchase its products and it is trusted there at a large scale.

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