Access Bright Well Payments To Manage Prepaid Card Holder Account Online

Management of your prepaid card, credit card or debit card is no more a problem in present times. It is because now a lot many companies have been introduced which help people to create holding accounts and then manage them easily online. One such company is payments. They have made the task of managing your prepaid card holder account easier. You need to fulfill few of the requirements and then all of the process gets completed quite easily.


  • Make sure that you have connected your internet and then after getting assured visit the following website .
  • After clicking the ‘enter’ button their homepage will be shown to you.
  • If you already have a prepaid card with you then you can just sign in and manage your account online quite easily.
  • If the prepaid card is not yet with you then click on the option ‘order cards’.
  • Choose prepaid card from the list that will be seen and follow the instructions.
  • Write your first name, middle and last name in the first box.
  • Also include your full date of birth and gender.
  • Select the city and state from the drop down menu.
  • Write the zip code in the next box that will appear.
  • Give your valid email address to them.
  • Also give your other contact details to them like your contact number, email address, residential address etc.
  • Choose the amount which you want to load in the card and write promo code as well.
  • Select whether you want a card which will be reloadable or non-reloadable.
  • After accepting their terms and policies click the submit button.
  • Now enter the following address in address bar i.e. .
  • Write your prepaid card number and all information of your account will be displayed and you can easily manage it.


By managing your prepaid card holder account at bright well payments, you can keep an eye on all your transactions. Anytime your account history can be checked and all the payments can be made online very easily.

About Company:

Bright well payments allow their customers to get solutions regarding their prepaid card management and cash management. Their core mission is to give innovative solutions in the marketing field and find perfect cost-effective methods which can give them great quality of customers.

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