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Survey gathering is the most common way conceived by many companies and organizations to keep a good quality standard for their customers. The Company and Hotel has also introduced guests’ survey conducting facility from their visiting customers so that the company can get familiar about their standards of services provisions.


  • For starting the survey process introduced by company, you must have to visit to the company’s web site by going to this link. .
  • After getting access to the above link, you will be guided further for getting started the survey process. You will see some requirements to be filled on the survey page. Here a blank text field is present in which you are supposed to enter the survey code.
  • For this you can seek help from the receipt which you have received from the company. That receipt will only be given to the customers and visitors of the company as a result of attaining the services presented by the company. So make that receipt available to you and see the survey code printed on it. Make sure you will have entered a valid survey code containing 15 digits and in the correct way in to the blank text field.
  • After entering a valid code, you will be asked to give the idea about your time of visit to the company. You will be given three ranges of different time. You can choose any one of them by clicking the relevant radio button option.
  • After you will have completed this page completely, you can press the button named as “Next” in the middle of the page to have the next page of the procedure.
  • At the next step, you will be asked some questions with the answers given with them. You may also asked to rate the company’s services so that the managements can get the idea how much you liked the services.
  • Complete the survey by giving all answers and forward it to the company.
  • After forwarding you can get in to the scheme of winning cash prize of the amount of $250 from the company.

About Company:

This is fast growing chain of the restaurant in all over the United Kingdom. It has got popularity and increase in the visitors by providing delicious food and customers’ services facility.

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