Purchase Installation Service From Walmart

Walmart is United States 18th largest corporation having the reward of being largest retailer and employer along with 8500 stores in 15 countries. Walmart is a chain of departmental stores and everything which anyone can possibly thought about is present and is available in Walmart from home dcore, pharmacy, food items, beverages, tools, babies, clothing. You can also get electronics, appliances and devices The most amazing offer is that you don’t have to go home with an electronic appliance and spent your days and precious time in struggle to join up the parts of these appliances so that you can break them up.

What Service Does Walmart Provides On The Purchase Of Some Heavy Appliances Installation?

To prevent people from breaking things up you can now easily hire the Installation device from Walmart and avoid damaging any expensive collection

How To Purchase The Installation Service From Walmart?


1-      You must have a recently purchased product from the Walmart.

2-      The installation service should e purchased only if installation is offered on the bus stand.

3-      The service is available in United States and Canada.

4-      The coverage is low or limited in Alaska or Huwaii.


1-      Visit the website www.productassist.com/walmart.

2-      Click on “Installation services”

3-      Click on “Services available” and review the list of services available.

4-      All you have to do is choose one and click on the link.

5-      Once you have read it thoroughly then click”Schedule” before buying it.

6-      Provide the demanded personal information and click on “Submit”

7-      Decide the time and day when you want your product to reach you and installed.

8-      Your installation services will reach on the same place. Be careful.

What Things Have The Installation Service Package With Them?

The large home appliances i.e. Furniture, television rooms, home theaters and wireless networks have the installation service package with them. The technicians are very skilled who have the duty of delivering, assembling and installing the device at home. The protection of the device while the technicians are working on the devices or any other things is completely a responsibility of those technicians and they are responsible for its damage.

What To Do If We Have Any Basic Question?
If you are confused at some place about a Walmart product or you are feeling some technical problems then you can easily click on FAQs to get your guidance and help.

Walmart offers numerous other services for the convenience of its customers and keeps on working on the progress to increase its speed day by day for more and more.

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