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During elections, such situation can occur which can cause hindrance in voting like maybe any emergency situation occurs and people have to go out of town. In other cases, any accident may occur and people become hospitalized. Now through this service people can easily give their vote. By completing the online procedure you will become eligible for casting your vote very easily. For this you just have to submit the control number online and everything is completed. Not much of the problems are faced during this process. You just need to complete few of the very easy steps.


  • Connect the internet with the help of your computer.
  • Open the website which is helpful for this purpose and that is .
  • Click on the option of ‘vote instruction form’. Through this you will get all the related instructions.
  • You need to submit all your voting instructions on their website.
  • After this step, you need to click on the electronic versions material. All the material will be displayed to you in electronic form.
  • You then need to click on the ‘sign up’ button. This will be helpful for receiving future shareholder material through email.
  • Provide all the related information that they will ask from you. Make sure that each of the information which you give them is correct otherwise it can create great hindrance in the process of voting.
  • If you receive the notice of internet availability from them then click on the ‘request’ button for getting your material.
  • They will send you a twelve digit control number in your email. You have to keep that number with yourself and write it on their website in ‘enter control number’ place.
  • After writing the number submits it.


Submitting your voting is a very easy process. It will take just few minutes. You can easily fulfill your duty as a citizen and cast your vote in a very easy manner.

About Company:

Proxy voting is a type of voting in which few of the members who are delegated for the duty of vote give their duty to another member. The person who is assigned for this purpose is known as ‘proxy’. The person who assigns this task to another person is known as ‘principal’. This online service is very much helpful in corporate governance.

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