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In physics the letter Q is significant in that it betokens change; the same truth obtains for the Q that denotes the Q card. What is the Q card? That is the subject matter of this article; read on.

The Q in this card betokens the word Quantum; like in the world of physics a Quantum is supposed to literally betoken a change in a given paradigm. Fundamental change is what the Q card represents in that the card has all features of a credit card minus the hassles that accompany a credit card.

An Overview Of Q Card:

The Q card is a credit card that is issued by Consumer Finance Limited- that has a stellar reputation in the manufacturing industry as well as the selling of appliances. The card that is issued to residents of New Zealand has a number of perks that come along with it: access to a number of interest free deals on the market – there is no interest on the first three months when you own this card; similarly, you get a number of interest free deals and payment holidays that range from 12- 48 months; lastly, you can manage your account online and this has a number of inherent advantages.

Guideline To Applying For The Q Card:

All this leads to the question that many a consumer is salivating to ask: How do I join in the bandwagon? Being a part of the gravy train will only require that you sign up to acquire a Q card from the vendor, the signing up process resembles something like this:

  • Your first port of call is in the following website –;
  • On the main window click on the active link tagged Applying is Easy – this link is on the main menu of the main web page;
  • There are basically two ways via which you can apply for this card – via an online route and by printing out the application form and posting it out via ordinary mail, click on the choice that captures your fancy;

The data fields that you will need to fill out will include details of your bank account, your contacts, and your area of residence and so on. When you are through with this, you need only click on the agree button and you are good to go. The prerequisites for registration are as follows – you will need to demonstrate proof that you are over 18 years old (a drivers license will do the trick), and second, you have to be a citizen or a resident of New Zealand. For more details visit:


As stated from the outset of the article, the idea of a Q card is in many respects is a novel concept: limited interest rate, and interest holidays that are designed to boost consumer spending. This is a card that will come in handy when you need to make purchases on household products, settle those unforeseen circumstances such as dental bills, and tackle whatever issues a normal consumer is bound to experience during the course of a lifetime, this is definitely a card that you do well to invest in.

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