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For all those who shoe collectors are crazy about their foot ware choices shopping at RACKROOM is quite a hell of an experience. RACKROOM offers product lines for athletic, casual and dress shoes for both men and women of all age groups. Aside from the main offering the store has a wide range of accessories like back packs, shoe care, shoe laces and comfort insoles for kids.

With its wide ranging brand assortment the family foot ware store has something “in-Store” for everyone. It showcases high class brands like Adidas, timberland and PUMA for men and Sahara, Bjorndel and Franco Fortinis for women. Alongside these mainstream foot ware brands it has many- value for money-own private label brands for the mid market.

About Survey

RACKROOM takes its product assortment seriously and takes its customers even more seriously. Unlike many other foot ware retailers that seek cost minimization in supply chains RACKROOM has a marketing orientation and seeks to optimize its products offering in order to best fit the customer demands, continually. Customer feedback survey of RACKROOM is one such effort on many other fronts to collect this opinion.

The survey is for all those who purchase at the store and receive a invitation card. If you are a email club member and received a 5$ coupon then you will surely receive a survey invitation at the next purchase you make through your first gift coupon.

Detail Guide

To take a chance at winning a five dollar gift card with rack room consumer feedback survey you could reach online to and provide your feedback on the stores product and services mix.

  1. Filling the date on the first screen by selecting from the small yellow calendar widget.
  2. Now choose the state of in which you did your shopping at RACK ROOM you do not necessarily have to reside in that state.
  3. Choose the store that you shopped from. Here is the easiest part that I loved was that the form automatically filters your options of stores as per choice of state. You have to do least amount of typing.
  4. Now go on to enter the purchase price. Be sure that you need not to enter the $ sign. Just enter the digits (like 50 for fifty dollars purchase, 50.00 or 50 $ is not an acceptable pattern).
  5. Now hit next and answer all questions that are thrown your way. Collecting honest opinions of valued customers obviously the whole purpose of the survey so be as honest as possible.
  6. Now provide your details for the store to be able to contact you in future if you won a reward if any.

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