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For planning your vacations at any of the best resorts you need to become their official member firstly. Only in this case you can avail all of the services that are provided by them. Even you can get additional benefits from these companies once you sign up for the account on their websites. it offers its platinum benefits to people sign up for an account on their official website. They need to go through full procedure and then they can earn the benefits. Before starting the process few of the requirements also need to be completed.


  • For getting started go to this link as mentioned. on the page see the click on  the tab “Member Benefits” and on the next page click on the linkRCI Platinum Benefits click here to join” under the heading “RCI Weeks
  • You will be given sign up page after wards and so you will have to fill out some text fields on the page. Give the first name, last name and middle name of the owner. Also give the first name, last and middle name of co owner.
  • In the fields below, give your address, city and name of the country. Also give your state and ZIP code of your state. After this enter your email address.
  • Provide your home phone number, business phone and publication language details.
  • Provide Resort information like name, id, unit number, unit type, maximum occupancy, private occupancy, interval week number, interval dates, numbers of intervals, ownership year and time division.
  • Choose the option for the subscription period and upgrading membership.
  • Choose the option for the card holder by drop down menu and click onto button “ Enter Credit Card Information” after filling it will accurate data scroll down the page.
  • Read terms and condition and click on the button “Continue” and complete the process of registration.


By signing up at Platinum benefits you can get a chance of dining in high class hotel. Even they offer you facility of playing free golf. Many great packages will be provided to you.

About Company:

RCI is considered to be the largest time sharing for vacations. Their network is one of the largest one present worldwide. They deal in vacation exchange program. It was founded in 1974 and they have more than four thousand resorts in hundred countries. Customers of RCI enjoy a leisure time during their vacations.

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