Participate In Red Hot Survey For Red Lobster’s Sure Way Of Success!!

Red Lobster is a wide chain of sea food restaurants and other dishes but they mainly are popular because of their sea food and various dishes available which are unique in their taste. Everyone in the world is working for much greater success to get more or to earn more and for that they want to get better and better. Surveys are the key which help us to find out that what is lacking in our company or organization by designing the appropriate and to the point questions we can evaluate a lot more information than we expect and can change a lot of things to get better and better on the bases of evaluation made by the surveys.

What Should I Do To Take Part In The Sweepstakes Prize Of Red Lobster?

Enter In The Survey:

To take part in the sweepstakes you must first enter the survey which you can do by two methods.

Through Online:

1-      To enter the survey online it is necessary that you have dinned in red lobster recently and you had kept your receipt with you.

2-      Visit the Red Lobster’s website and enter into the survey.

3-      Give your receipt number and name along with the contact info which is required.

4-      Start your survey and honestly answer about our experience while dinning in the restaurant and the taste of the food along with what other improvements will you want to see in the Red Lobster.

5-      After giving the survey submit it and you will be automatically entered in the sweepstakes prize.

Through Mail:

1-You can enter the prize contest by sending your views and contact info to the Darden Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes.

2- Make sure that you have given all your comments and send it to Darden restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. PMI station POBox 8536 Southbury. CT06488-3536 USA. Residents of Canada can omit the return postage.

Important: Following are the factors which are necessary to take part in the Red Lobster’s contest:

1-You have to make sure that you are the resident of United States, Canada, Japan or Puerto Rico.

2-Your age is 18 or above.

3-You have the receipt of your most recent visit to the Red Lobster so that you can give the ID number on the receipt to enter the survey.

4- You must apply between May28, 2012 to August 26, 2012 because surveys will be closed after that.

The important facts about the sweepstakes grand prize is that it’s about $1000 and there are 100 $50 prizes too so there are many chances of winning something. The Red Lobster has 700 restaurants throughout its specific countries.

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