Win Sea World Tour In Refresh Your Summer Sweepstakes

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Pepsi Refresh Your Summer Sweepstakes offers more than just refreshment. It offers the users to get a chance to enter the lottery that will not only help you win exciting prizes including money but will also help you go to several tours to many beautiful exotic places. By purchasing many Pepsi bottles from outlets you could enter the lottery. The more Pepsi you consume the more chance you have to win the lottery. The winners will be given a chance to visit 14 exotic places and not only that but they will also get a chance to win cash prize. Person can submit his personal information in the spaces given on the page of the website. The code on the Pepsi bought has to be typed in the space given.

About Survey

This will allow the user to enter the lottery. Winning exciting prizes has never been so much fun. The purchaser has to follow instructions in order to enter the lottery. The Pepsi bought will help you enter the lottery. The prizes not only include cash but also tickets offering amazing tours to 14 wonderful places. Refreshing summers ought to be enjoyed with style. Skiing places along with Sea World, Universal Orlando even Busch Gardens, theme parks and other parks like National Parks are sure to be ideal spots to spend summer in. they have chosen wisely and so to win tickets and more all the user has to do is enter the information required on the website and use the information of Pepsi bottle to make his way to the top winners. These prizes and more will help the winners refresh in style as the cash and tours will help them enjoy their time.

How To Be A Part Of Sweepstakes?

The hot waves of summer will be swept away just the way they are shunned when the Pepsi is taken by the consumer. The same refreshing mood will be improved once the winners are announced and as soon as you enter the lottery there is no telling you could be the next winner who would be announced the winner of tickets and more. The reliable sources have to be accessed for this purpose and the constant news of the announcements has to be obtained on daily basis. The winners will get more than just satisfaction.


  • You must be registered with the website of Pepsi
  • You must have updated profile information
  • You must have a valid email ID
  • You must have a valid phone number

Step By Step Guide:

  • Go to
  • Enter your all the information that is mentioned in the boxes
  • Click submit to end the contest

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