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Toys”R”Us  is a chained toy store in the United States with its headquarters in New Jersey and is one of the second largest toy retailer of the world. It has opened more than 840 stores across the 50 states and about 700 stores in 34 countries. It is the second largest toy retailer of the United States and that is why its flagship store is in Time Square New York. It provides toys, clothing along with baby products. The Buyers Protection Plan is the plan presented to keep the toys safe and secure. It provides service and replacement plans. The plan is based on the price you chose for the protection plan.

How To Get Buyer’s Protection Plan Of Toys”R”Us?


1-      Visit the website for Toys”R”Us to register for the Buyers protection plan.

2-      Open the webpage for “title name “.

3-      Create the account by entering the username, password, e-mail address, phone number, postal code and country.

4-      Click on “Get started.

5-      A new page will appear where you will register your plan by selecting the package you want for the protection of the item you have selected.

6-      Click on “Continue”.

7-      Identify your product or the item that you have purchased.

8-      Your registration is completed.


1-      You need an item which is eligible for the plan.

2-      You need a computer.

3-      You need an internet access.

What Is The Basic Structure Of The Buyers Protection Plan?

The basic structure of the Buyers Protection plan is very simple and very easy plus it is not at all expensive and every one can purchase this plan so that your child does not have to suffer departing from his favourite toy.

1-      Products which cost under $300 have a protection plan for about 15 months from the date of the purchase.

2-      The second package is for the products costing over $300 which provides the coverage for about two and three years.

The Buyers Protection Plan includes mechanical or electrical breakdowns including all the physical damage to the toy. It also includes any break or destruction of the toy by the child. Your payment also decides that whether the toy will be given service or will it be replaced.

The Toys”R”Us stores are present near us majorly if we are a resident of the U.S however if we live somewhere else then we can also get this plan and the company will proved service or the replacement to the toy with the help of the mail or shipping service.

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