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Rite aids is a retail drug store in united state. This store first opened in 1962 in Pennsylvania.  This company grew rapidly through opening of new retail stores and outlets.  This company was named rite Aids Corporation in 1968. It started trading on American exchange in 1970. By 1972 this corporation operated 270 stores in 10 states. By 1981 the rite aid had become fourth largest drug store in united state. It created 1 billion dollar sale mark in this year. Similarly in 1996 this company expanded its service to other countries with 1000 outlets and branch stores.  By 2007 this corporation had become third largest drug chain store in the world. This company is still progressing with the passage of time in the world. It is reported that more than 2000 branches and outlets of this company are present in the world. More than 1200 outlets are present in the united state and 300 are present in United Kingdom. The company is still growing with the passage of time. There are millions of satisfied customers of rite Aids Corporation in the world. The no of satisfied customers of this company are increasing due to good customer service and higher quality of products. Rite aid provides excellent medical and fitness products to patients all over the world. Therefore most of the people trust on the products of this retail company. It provides medicines to treat several complications and problems like sleeping sickness, fatigue, general weakness and many other diseases.

Services Of Rite Aids

Rite aid deals with health products like health care for kids and home tests. Some important services of this company are listed below

  • Allergy and sinus treatment
  • Flue and fever products
  • Diabetes management
  • Natural remedies
  • Home tests
  • Baby care products
  • Skin treatments
  • Pain killers medicines
  • Smoking cessation
  • Snoring aids
  • Post therapy treatment

Similarly rite aids also deal with natural products and vitamins for the development of kids. The natural supplements in the form of tablets are available at this store. Calcium minerals, vitamin for men and women are provided by rite Aids Company. Therefore this company deals with every kind of health and fitness products. Large kinds of beauty products are available at this store to serve the people. The important products related to beauty include

  • Fragrance
  • Gift sets
  • Jewelry
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Teeth whitening
  • Makeup accessories
  • Diapers

The beauty products of this company are large in no and higher in quality. Similarly baby care food products are available at this store. The personal care products like acne care, skin care, eye care, foot care products are widely present at this store. Except from health care products it also deals with home appliances and electronics like television, batteries, kitchen and home accessories products. Every kind of home appliance products is available at this store to serve the people. Therefore the customer can buy the every kind of household and electronic products from this retail store. Similarly toys and games are also available for kids and [pullquote color=”pink” align=”left”]Toll free 800 number 1-800-RITE-AID (1-800-748-3243) OR TDD/TTY 1-800-821-1833*[/pullquote]children. The rite aids is doing a great job for the customers in the united state. The products offered by this company are reliable and higher in quality and performance. It prepares the health care products for the better growth and development of human health. The rite aids offers beauty and cosmetic products for women. Similarly the vitamin supplements are also available at this store for adults and youngsters. This drug store is serving the every kind of people in the world. For kids and children it provides the games and accessories.

Rite aid is doing a great job for the safety of people in the united state. The products and service of this company is great and out standing. There are millions of satisfied customer of this drug store are present in the united state. It is estimated that it receives more than 1 million customers in a day. The home delivery service   is also available in united state. The customer can place his order through phone call and email. The company will deliver the product after few minutes of online order. Therefore the customer can save his time and money in this way.  The online shopping experience is great because it saves our much time and energy.  I have used the health products of this retail drug store and I got best results. Therefore I would like to use them again.

How To Get Discount Offers At Rite Aid?

  • Visit the Home Page
  • Search for coupon codes
  • Get the print of coupons
  • Select the apply option to activate your coupon
  • Use the above mentioned link to get discounts.

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