Participate In The Riteaid Pharmacy Survey

RiteAid is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States and is majorly supported and preferred by many because of its good service. The RiteAid’s motive it to lead people towards a healthy life. It has more than 4,780 stores in the United States and is still planning to spread its services. It is not just a pharmacy store but it also provides the grocery products along with some fresh food and dairy. The RiteAid management tends to fulfill the requirements of their customers and their mission is that the customer should not felt the need of going to shop for daily needs from anywhere else once he has shopped from the RiteAid and he wishes to come back again and again.

Why Is The Riteaid’s Administration Conducting The Survey?

The RiteAid’s motive as always been related to the satisfaction and fulfilling the needs of their customers and their motive will remain incomplete until they don’t know that what do their customers need and expect from them and are they really providing the products which they need plus what other improvements can they make so that their customers feel even more comfortable while shopping at the RiteAid.

Survey Reward

To increase the number of the participants the RiteAid’s administration is giving $3 to $15 percent off coupons so that more and more RiteAid’s customers are attracted to take part in the survey and the result evaluated can be effective and positive.


1-      You need to have a computer with an internet connection which is working.

2-      You need to have a receipt from your last shopping from the RiteAid which contains the 16-digit code printed on it.

3-      Your computer should be connected to a working printer when you start the survey because the coupon which is given at the end of the survey can neither be saved nor sent by e-mail but can only be printed.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed on the RiteAid’s website on the survey page.

2-      Enter the 16-digit code printed on your receipt and then initiate your survey.

3-      Complete your survey by giving your honest opinion about your shopping experience along with the ideas of further improvement in the store.

4-      When you have completed the survey you will be given the discount coupon ranging from $3 to $15- off which will be printable only.

5-      Print your coupon and redeem it within the 14 days otherwise the coupon will expire and will be of no use.

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