Participate In The RiteAid Survey To Get Coupons

Riteaid is one of the most famous drugstore chains in the United States and it is also preferred because of its new schemes and packages which are activated for some limited time to attract more customers. It also sells food, apparels, household goods, and health and beauty care products. The pharmacy store is very specific about its motive to help the people towards a healthy beautiful life and make them travel towards the betterment away from the worries of the basic necessities and their quality. Their most recent and active scheme is the printable coupons which are available after filling a survey online for riteaid.

What Is The Method To Participate In The Survey?


1-      Go to the riteaid store and purchase something.

2-      Save the receipt as it contains the code.

3-      Go to the riteaid website.

4-      Make an account on the website if you don’t have one already.

5-      After making the account click yes for taking the survey option.

6-      Enter the 16 digit code written in the receipt to start the survey.

7-      Take the survey and provide the required information.

8-      Provide the feedback honestly about your experience while purchasing something from riteaid.

9-      At the end of the survey you will get the Coupon.

10-  Print the coupon and use it to get free items from riteaid.


1-      You have to give the survey on a system which is joined with the printer because you will not be able to e-mail it or save it to print it later. You will have to print it right there.

2-      You must have the receipt to enter the code to start the survey.

3-      You must have a purchasing experience at the riteaid’s.

4-      The information required should be printed in lower case letters because any other writing format will not be recognized.

What Are The Limitations Of The Coupons?

The coupons are very beneficial but they have their limitations.

1-      The coupons have to redeem within 14 days after the survey otherwise they will be considered cancelled.

2-      The coupons are non transferable.

3-      They are valid for one in store purchase.

4-      They are not valid for cash exchange.

5-      The sales tax is not included in them and you will have to pay them.

6-      The coupons can be used to buy a certain range of products.

7-      You can’t buy alcohol. Gift cards, lottery tickets, prescription co-pays, stamps, tobacco and some other stuff.

Riteaid is making new changes and innovations to attract more customers and is a public service company providing people all the little things that they need under one roof for their benefit and that is why it is gaining success day by day and is also running surveys to improve their services more and more according to the demand of people depending on their opinions about the store and the new ideas for it to progress more.

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