Join County Of Riverside For e-payment Criminal Fine

If you are charged a fine by the court in case of any traffic law or any crime then you are provided a facility to pay your fine online at the official website of government. Government provides a vast variety of facilities to its people over internet which is at their ease. Any of the legal residents can now avail all these services at this website. Not only the payment of fines, can you create your own online account to remain in touch with the happenings in state. You are enabled to pay your fines through your credit or debit cards through this online facility and you need not to go to the court for any explanation.

Online way to pay your bill is quite fast as it takes approximately half an hour to be completed. If you do not find much time to visit the court in person then you can use your PC for the payment.


  • To pay your traffic or criminal fine online visit .
  • On the home page click on “Online Services” click on “Pay Traffic or Criminal Fine” option, on the next page click on this link here ” Pay Your Fine Online With a Credit Card, Checking, or Savings Account”
  • There are four steps to it.
  • On the next opened page you are given a map on which different location are indicated.
  • Choose the location by clicking on the name.
  • On the second step you have to “find your citation”.
  • You will be given a form, type your first name, middle initial, last name, birth date, email address, citation or case number in the respective fields.
  • Click on the blue colored button “search”.
  • After your citation has found you will be given the options from which you have to select the appropriate one.
  • The fourth and the last step is to provide the confirmation of the details you have provided.
  • Pay your fine through your debit or credit card and this is it.


Through ePay you find the ease to pay your traffic or criminal fine sitting in your home and so you do not need to go to location and wait for hours there as it is a hectic task.

About Company:

This is the department of California government that is created for the welfare of its residents.

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