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To have account on any website, you need to get registered on it firstly. Without being their registered member you can never get to avail the services of that company. The signing up process which is offered by different companies is usually very easy. People can enjoy great benefits by signing up for any of the site. If you want to create an account on this online service then the process is very easy. When you will sign up for their account, you will get a master account whose email and password will be given by them i.e. ‘[email protected]’. After this one account, you can also have many other sub accounts.


  • For starting the process you need to open Microsoft Outlook Express from your computer.
  • On their menu bar you need to click on their option of ‘accounts’.
  • After this move your cursor to the option of ‘mail’. Then over there among the various options that will be available you need to click on ‘add’ button.
  • Choose the email address through which your outgoing mails will be checked. Your email ID should be in this format i.e. ‘[email protected]’.
  • Go at the email server option and choose POP3 from those options.
  • On the title of server field you need to enter this following address which is ‘’.
  • After this you need to go at your outgoing mail and over there type the following address ‘’.
  • After this choose username and password for your account.
  • Make sure that your password is a strong one.
  • After this recheck all the details that are provided by you.
  • Enter the character that will appear in the box.
  • If you want to make your homepage then you can click the box.
  • In the end, click Finish button.
  • After creating an account you will have sign in at this site to access the account.


With one account of roadrunner, you can get to have many other accounts. With those accounts you can enjoy great services. Different accounts can be used for many other different purposes. Signing up of account will take very short time.

About Company:

Roadrunner is a program which allows you to create a master account which contains a username and password. People can never change their username of master account. They allow people to have different sub accounts from this master account. Various benefits are provided by them to their customers.

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