Through Router login Get Restrict Access By MAC Address

It is very disturbing when you get notified that your router is also providing signals to someone else. This not only effects on your net speed but also makes you insecure. A person can go to any extent in order to make his privacy secure then putting a password on his router is nothing at all. The new technology enables the owner of the router to restrict the access of the router with the help of their Mac. It is all about making one device the protector of the other without causing any kind of problem for oneself.

How to Access?

  • Go to the website you will get access to the home page.
  • Netgear prompt box will be appear in front of you then click on “OK” Button
  • Provide username and password on the next page default details are needed to be enter.
  • A window will be appears “Router Manager”, see “Advance” tab on the main menu and then hit on “Wireless Setting”.
  • Access the Setup Setting option, mark the option “Turn Access Control On “and click on Add button.
  • You will see the networking list available at the MAC address.
  • Now add your computer name and MAC Address.
  • Click on “Add” and then “Apply “button at the end.


With the help of the strong software you can get all the protection for your router and can be assure of the fact that no one accepts you can get access to your router signals anymore.

About Company:

This is an online website which provides the users with exactly the kind of technology which they are looking for. The protection devices and software are very important for those who require them and they want to get the software and devices which are truly effective and efficient. There are so many software out their which are simply scams and ways to get money from the customers. These soft wares are also a threat to the original thing to which the protection software is supposed to be applied on. It makes sure that the quality of their software provides the best security which is out there.

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