Register Royal Mail To Redirect Or Renew Your Mail Address

Individuals have to move from one place to another on the basis of some reasons that may be personal or may be based on business issues. Sometimes, it creates problems like they have also to change the postal address of their location so that they can receive their important postal messages, letters and cards. And it takes long time for them to change their postal address. But this is that postal company that provides the facility of changing postal address with the help of their online service. They will change your postal address just within five days. Through this service you can redirect and renew your mailing address and will also receive your mails on time.

How To Register?

  • If you have changed your address then you will submit the application before your shifting so that you will redirect your postal address. The procedure of redirecting and renewing will take just 4 to 5 days to change your previous address.
  • To renew your redirection mailing address then you must have the notification letter from their renewal service. Moreover, you should be the member of Company.
  • To avail the opportunity of online service, you will go to the official website of the company that is “”.
  • Then the home page of the company will appear in which you will see the option of “redirect your mail”.
  • After this step two options were in front of you. One option is about to log in and other one is about registration. If you have log in account then you will only provide your e-mail address and password and if you are not registered then firstly registered yourself by making an account click on “Register”.
  •  Start providing details like “About You”, “Email address and Password” and “Your Address”.
  • For complete contact information they are required to have your full property details like name, number and address.
  • They are also required to have full billing address and phone number and after that tick mark the option to subscribe updates and email services and terms and conditions.
  • Click on “Register” button at the end to get account after that you would be able to access the renewal services easily.


This Company provided free of cost service to their customers. This service also gave alerts on your e-mail address when your redirection service is going to expire. Then this service will renew your redirected mailing address if you submit your application again.

About Company:

This Company is the subsidiary of Royal Mail Group Limited that has more than 15,000 post offices to deliver and receive different types of mail. This Company is based in United Kingdom and was created in 1516.

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