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Also known as Time Warner Internet Services, Road Runner is a Washington based Internet Service Provider that is a division of Time Warner Cable.

A Quick Look At How The Services Came To Be

The ISP was incepted in the year 1995 and the founders of this entity employed the character from the Looney Tunes carton series as their mascot and official brand name. Currently, the ISP provider goes by the name Time Warner Cable Internet after the Road Runner branding was dropped in 2012. The ISP provider offers internet services over DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Internet Specification) compatible modems.  The ISP provider completed a roll out earlier this year and the bouquet of services that they offer can basically be divided into 5 basic groups – the lowest streaming speed that they offer is 3Mbits/s ( the basic offer) whilst the highest package that they offer is the Ultimate offer that stands at 50 Mbits/s .

The signing up process involved when acquiring an account at this ISP provider mirrors something like this:

A Guide To Signing Up

  • Your first port of call should be the official – Click on support – you will redirect to help page. Choose your services provider; here I will go for timewarner.;
  • On the right side of the page, there is a register button, click on it;
  • The registration process begins when you give your e-mail address;
  • A link is sent to your email address. You will need the following bits of information that are associated with your account- a zip code and phone number of your service provider, and an account number and a customer code as shown in your bill. If you are registering outside the vendors modem, then you will need to furnish information such as the last four digits of your social security number, your bank account number, and your credit account number.
  • When you have filled up all the required data fields simply press on the agree button – meaning that you tarry with the terms and conditions of the vendor- and you are good to go.

The ISP provider has a number with regard to matters regarding technology, a fine example of this is the power boost option that allowed for experience faster download speeds at certain intervals of time. This technology that was released in the year 2008 was initially limited to subscribers of the Turbo option, but this offer was extended to other subscribers.  The sole controversy that this firm has had with its clients is an attempt to lower the cap on bandwidth. The offer of unlimited offers was to be scrapped, caps would be set at between 5GB to 100GB, and any client who went above their allocation would be charged $ 1 for every gigabyte that was used.  Due to customer protests however this is an idea that has temporarily being put on the back burner.

Subscribers to this ISP provider have the option of renting a modem from the vendor for a fee of $ 4 a month; alternatively, subscribers can also buy their own approved modems but there is one catch- the vendor will not be involved in matters relating to service as well as troubleshooting on that particular modem.

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