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Rubicon Mortgage LLC, is a Minneapolis based mortgage advisory service provider. The company is providing loan advisory to its customers for their first time real estate investments.   Their process is very simple. It has access to all sorts of lien programs on the market like fixed or variable rate, construction loan or home affordable refinance, 2-lien programs, jumbo loans, FHAs and VAs.

Through their website they also offer you the easy mortgage calculator.

How Home Mortgage Works With Rubicon

Each client who is seeking loan for buying his dream home is assigned a loan officer that will guide him through all steps of the home loan application. The loan officer guides you through the various options available to finance your house. He or she also advises on choice of most suitable option, of course the final decision is that of the buyer.

Getting all the necessary paperwork done on time is also very hectic; loan processing officers make sure that you have all the necessary documentation with you beforehand.

Take The Feedback Survey At Rubicon’ Mortgage

If you have taken any advisory service from Rubicon you can take the online survey and provide your feedback. It is highly valued and is rewarded through

To take the survey follow the steps listed below one by one

1)      Log on to!/feedback/ and select your loan officer from the pull down menu.

2)      Tell them how satisfied they were with the mortgage loan originator.

3)      Tell the likelihood of your recommending the Rubicon Mortgage Advisors to a friend.

4)      Provide input on a list of aspects by rating on a graded scale, the question are on

  1. Whether you found online processing easy,
  2. Your’ grading for the level of competence of the loan originator and his friendly and open attitude.
  3. Whether you were kept informed of the loan processing steps.
  4. Whether you were given time to Review of the final settlement

5)      In the end put in a few words of advice, suggestions, comments or anything you need your Rubicon loan adviser to do for you and click “Send” button.

With Rubicon, you never miss a good real estate opportunity and never miss a deadline. All you got to do is to fill in their online application form and get a personal advisor of your own within the next 24 hours. Fill in the feedback form and show your appreciation to your Rubicon loan processor or loan originator on their amazing service and also let them know what you think needs improvement.

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