Enroll To Scholastic Book Clubs Account To Earn Points

For those who like book reading and it’s their most favorite job to do then they should register at scholastic.com that is a club of books and here they can get all the latest material of books and there is a largest storage of information. For a teacher and for parents this site is advantageous. The working strategy of this site is similar to mail order service. Teachers, parents and students are provided with monthly flyers, who are booked at this site.

Online registration is quite easy and you can complete it in a very short time. You need not to go anywhere and no effort is required instead this is done wherever you are but the only thing you need is the internet connection.


  • For the registration at scholastic book club go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs.
  • You will see a link “register now” at the home page below the heading “not registered?”.
  • Select your status as parent or teacher from the given options.
  • If you go for teacher, there are three steps ahead.
  • First step is for you to create you account, enter the following information salutation, first name, last name, email, and password and school location.
  • Hit the blue colored “continue” button.
  • Enter the information regarding your school and go to next step.
  • Last step is to maintain your profile.
  • At the end submit the provided information to get registered.
  • If you select the option “parent”, then you have to type your title, first name, last name, email address and password and click on red colored “continue” button.
  • Get the unlimited books on your computer.
  • After that login to your account and you can easily shop and can earn points.


The registration at scholastic club can make you a scholar as you can get a strong grip on the knowledge you have. It is beneficial for parent as they have to educate their children at their early ages and for the teachers as well because they have to convey it to their students.

About Company:

Scholastic corporation was established in 1920. It provides an open portal for the registered customers to access this site and gain knowledge from it at their ease. They can approach it all the time as it is open 24 hours, a week. To make notes and assignments for school in which facts and figures are required and facility of library is not available then you can access this site.

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