ScoreCard Rewards Profile SetUp Guide

Submitting a profile at score card rewards is quite easier. It only takes few minutes of the users. There are simple questions which are being asked in the form. One just need to answer them and all is done.

Step BY Step Guide

This is a major question that how you need to set up your profile. You just need to follow these steps;

  1. Decide a user name for your profile. This will be a unique one. It will be quite helpful in making your identification in an easier way.
  2. Think about a password. You will be required to type and then retype your protected password. Through it, no one else would be able to enter their profile without it.
  3. Now you need to add the 16-Digit Card #. If you don’t want to disclose off your card number then you can also add the 12-Digit Business ID. Both of them will be helpful for your score card rewards profile.
  4. Enter the first name or business name. You can add any of them. It will be your identification. That’s why you need to add the correct one in this column.
  5. Enter the last name in next column.
  6. In the next column, you will be required to enter zip code. It is necessary for almost all users. It doesn’t matter that in which country you are currently residing. You just need to enter the 9’s of your zip code. It will be a great way of searching your address in a feasible way.
  7. Last step is to enter your valid email address. It is required as it will be helpful in making a quick communication. You can also receive emails and updates from the scorecard rewards team. This is a great way of staying inside the correspondence.
  8. Submit your profile and that’s it.

Thus, all of these steps will be required to create a profile. If you will miss any of these steps then you might face a number of problems because of it. You will be making your life become livelier after getting registered over here.

Now coming towards the points that how you would be able to manage your account of score card rewards? That’s why i have a quick solution available for you. You can manage your account and your email communication easily. There is a special admin panel available inside your profile. You can also go on the tab of ‘my info’ and then the ’email preferences’. Both of these will be a great approach in managing or handling your profile in a feasible manner.

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