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Anyone who regularly trades in the money market instinctively understands that you need a credible vendor to do your bidding. Scottrade is a vendor that you can truly, rely upon.

A Brief History Of Scottsdale:

Founded in the year 1980, this entity originally went by the name Scottsdale Securities. By the year 1991 this entity had a total of some 15 branches in the USA. In 1996 the entity ventured into the world of online securities, and by default the entity was stuck with the name of its online platform –Scottrade (borne from the online name

The products that this vendor offers the public include the following: Stockbrokerage, and online investing. This success of this vendor is attributed to the fact that its business model relies on the premise that more clients are attracted on board when the commissions offered per sale are low – the commission that is typically charged for every sale is pegged at $ 7 which is comparatively low compared to other vendors in the money markets.

With such pedigree you will no doubt want to partner with this entity when you are dabbling in the money markets. If you are a customer of Scottrade and are yet to acquire an online account, or if you want to open an online account with this vendor, then the rigmarole that you will need to travel resembles something like this:

A Guide On How To Be A Part Of This:

  • Foremost, your first port of call should be the following link –;
  • The window that opens up to you will basically give you the online application form that you need to fill out prior to getting an account;
  • The details that you will need to furnish in the data fields will touch on areas such as your social security number; your tax identification number; a beneficiary’s social security number, a personal address, et al. When you have saved up on all required data fields, simply click on the save button.

The entire process should ideally last you no more than ten minutes. Among the accounts that you can register for include the following – individual brokerage account, joint brokerage account, and an individual retirement account among others possible options that could be open to you. It is important to note that the information that you avail to this portal will not be passed on to any third party, and that the security layers involved will simply ensure that no breach of this information can take place.


As stated from the outset of this article, if you intend to dabble in the money markets you will be required to walk with the aid of a seasoned hand – a seasoned hand in this case is represented by Scottrade. 3,000 employee firm has revenues that are just $ 200 million shy of a billion dollars, and to build on this pedigree in the preceding year this firm opened a bank that offers a wide diversity of products to the public. Get on board today, and work the money markets with the guidance of the professionals.

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