Get $500 Card In Sears Experience Survey

In the world of business the smart businessman is always looking for ways to be ahead of the curve. This is important because Darwinism (survival for the fittest law) works with ruthless efficiency where commerce is concerned. One way a business can keep ahead of the curve is by using regular customers as a sounding board of sorts. Having their ear on the ground is best captured by periodically taking surveys on customer satisfaction.

One such entity that has taken the issue of customer surveys very seriously is Sears. The retail chain was established in North America in the mid nineteenth century.  The retail outfit (that is classified as a mid- range store) was bought out by the shopping retailer K-mart to form a conglomeration that goes under the banner Sears Holding Corporation.  The acquisition created a number of subsidiaries that go under the Sears brand name-Sears Department store; Sears Hardware stores; Sears Appliance stores; Sears Hometown stores. This mid –range store truly believes in the concept that the customer is king and towards this end invests in programs that are designed to show its gratitude to its clients. One such program is the Sears Experience Survey, the mechanics of this program – how it works and how you enlist is explained below.

A Guide To Taking Part In The Survey:

  • Your first port of call should be the following link – ;
  • Prior to taking the survey, you will need to be screened – the screening tool here is the cash receipt from your purchase. You will need to key in the 12 digit code including the zeroes that serialize the receipt;
  • The  above action gives you entry to the questionnaire where you are expected to answer a series of close ended questions that relate to matters customer satisfaction;

Click on the OK button at the end of the questionnaire, and this will result in the data that you have keyed in being saved. This brings the entire Q and A session to an end. Participating in the feed- back process is beneficial to both you and the vendor – on your part you get to give your input on how matters regarding service delivery can be improved and in by so doing you get to ensure that your voice as a stakeholder in this relationship gets a hearing. For the vendor they get the necessary feedback that is required for any professional entity that prides itself as being customer friendly; as such the scenario created is a win- win for all individuals concerned.

Regulations You Should Adhere To:

There are rules and regulations that run across the theme of the sweepstake (make sure that you familiarize yourself with them); similarly it pays to keep in minds that your cash receipt –or the code on it – is only valuable for a period of seven days; lastly, the more times that you participate the greater your chances of winning the $ 500 gift card(s) from Sears.  For partaking in an exercise that will last under 10 minutes you get to stand a chance at getting $ 500 worth of shopping, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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