Benefits Of TALX Paperless Pay System

Paperless Payroll is the technology of the new era and it is the new procedure adopted by the most advanced firms or by those firms who are supporting the slogan to save nature and go green and are aiming to use less paper that is why Paperless Payroll is applied in these firms as a mean to give payments to the employees.


1-      You can print or get the hard copy of your payment check whenever you want to if needed.

2-      You can review the payment details and the details about your pay and account.

3-      It enables you to correct any kind of error which is occurring and is going to affect your payroll by yourself.

4-       It is the part of (ESS the Employ Self Service) because the employ maintains and checks their performance by themselves to make the amendments in pay chart to make it correct.

5-      The procedure is completely secure as there are e-signatures done by the employers. These signatures are equivalent to the real signatures and are the symbol of the new era.

6-      The procedure is completely electronic thus saving the paper more and more.


1-      You must have a computer along with an internet connection.

2-      You must be an employee of an organization where they promote the “Go Green” slogan and the paperless payroll technology is being used so that you can avail the benefit otherwise you won’t be able to get your payment through the paperless payroll system.

3-      You must have you user ID along with a password for you account so that you can manage your account easily whenever you want to.

Step By Step Procedure:

1-      Click on the link which directs you to the official website of your firm.

2-      Log in to your account and if you are not having an account then click on the option to create a new account.[pullquote color=”blue” align=”right”]For More Assistance Click The Following Link              [/pullquote]

3-      Provide your personal, financial and employment information briefly as required in to the respected fields.

4-      Create a new User ID along with the password while in some firms the ID and the password are provided to the employ by the firm itself.

5-      Once your account is created then Log in to your account easily and quickly.

6-      Get benefits from your paperless payroll system.

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