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Securus Inc. is a Cary North Carolina United States based company which has a goal to extend the GPS to enable solutions for the safety market. It was founded in 2008 but it changed its name in 2010 with 2200 correctional facilities with 44 stores in United States. The GPS (Global Positioning System) has bought great revolutions in our world and it has introduced new technologies to us by its products and now a person can see any place in the world live from the GPS satellites present in the space plus they can also observe the movement or can locate any one no matter wherever that person is by tracking the person with the GPS and lowering the criminal rate a lot.

What Is The Main Function Of The GPS Securus?

The main motive is the security of the college students, children, pets and patients with special needs. They provide products which are very useful for them and they can call for help wherever they are or they can be easily located and there is no risking of losing them in a public place due to the services of the Securus GPS facility. It keeps you secured from the undesired numbers and calls and immediately connects with your desired communication line.

What Are The Services Offered By Getting The Securus Advance Connect Account Online?

Online services:

1-      It offers a variety of payment product options including the advance connect account online although debit card, direct bill account or traditional bill account services are also present but the online way is the most easy one.

2-      It helps you to keep you in control for better spending.

3-      It ensures that you can receive calls from correctional facilities and a range of benefits with account.

4-      You can easily call from the phone when your account has the minimum amount of $25, at this amount your phone line can easily be found open.

5-      You can save several phone numbers to the account and your selected numbers will be immediately connected to you.

6-      You can visit your account anytime checking out the latest technologies by the Securus.

What Is The Procedure To Open A Securus Advance Connect Account Online?


1-      Go to the official website of the Securus.

2-      Click on “Open a new account”.

3-      On the new page select your state and the place from where you want to receive your calls from.

4-      Enter the name of the facility and select “Advance connect account”.

5-      Click “Next” and enter your personal information very carefully.

6-      Click “Submit” to finish the process of account creation.

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