Access Service Canada Account To Update Your Employment Insurance

Update your employment insurance with my Account Service. The availability of the up gradation of your employment service insurance was never this easy earlier. Now you can easily do it because of the services that the world of internet has brought. You can very easily go to the online tools of My Account Service and do whatever you want to from there.  In order to complete the procedure under concern you have to follow a small and very simple guide given below and you will be successfully done with the job in a few minutes time.


If you want to create an account with then you will need:

  • Your employment insurance access code that would consist of four digits.
  • If you do not have the employment insurance code then you can also use your personal access code that comprises of seven digits.

Guide to Follow:

  • If you have your code then you will go to the website of My Account Service by following the link , after accessing the page chooses the language.
  • There you will see at the top bar, many different options.
  • The option that you need to click on is the ONLINE SERVICES option.
  • When you will place your mouse on it, a drop down menu would appear.
  • In this menu the very first option would be My Service Canada Account.
  • There you will click on this option and another page would open up.
  • On that page you will click on the option REGISTER NOW.
  • You will now be asked to give the permission to access your MY CANADA Account. Along with it you will be told that you need your Employer Insurance code or your Personal access code.
  • Then you will be given options to Log in either with Sign-in Partner or with your GC-key.
  • When you will choose between one then you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure and submit the form.


  • It is good if you read all the terms and policies before going for the account.
  • In case of any problem you can easily contact the help forum of the website.


  • The method is quick and easy.
  • It keeps you secure and updated.
  • You do not have to spend a lot of time managing your insurances.

About Website:

The website is a single platform that provides the Canadians an access to many different services. These services can be related to insurance and other employment services.

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