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Do you know what shoe carnival survey is? If no then for your knowledge it is a consumer survey with feedback that is carried out by shoe carnival. Have you have a look of any of the shoe carnival stores in the US within the time period of around 2 weeks and still have kept the receipt with you? If yes this is the case then you are allowed to visit feedback page on shoecarnival website to take part in the survey and you are required to provide your valuable feedback of shopping. Do you wish to have an online access in to the monthly sweepstakes in an automatic way? If yes so this is the case then you are required to participate in to the customer feedback survey of the shoe carnival.

Stuff Related To Shoe Carnival

Shoe carnival was actually found in 1978 by David Russell. It is a retail store chain of shoe that is national and which is located in United States that put their focus in order to sell family footwear. It has 400 stores nationwide, which are able to sell women’s, men’s, athletics’ and children footwear. Apart from footwear they also sell accessories like shoe care items, handbags, wallets, socks from its retail stores to it’s customers in a successful way.

How To Take Part In Survey Of Shoe Carnival?

If you are not aware of how to take part in this shoe carnival survey then here you go with instructions. Firstly you need to know some basic requirements:

1-      You are required to visit any of the shoe carnival stores recently within the time period of 14 days during which you need to keep your receipt in hands.

2-      The official residents of United States who are recent and are 50 in number including the ones from Columbia District should be 18 years old at least.

Guide In Step-By-Step

1-      First of all you need to visit the website of shoe carnival survey at this link: Read the brief introduction of customer survey provided here and then hit the button marked “Next”.

2-      Then you are required to enter the sales date, store number and the transaction number that is printed on the receipt with you, in to the given space and then hit click to the button “next” in order to start entering in the survey.

3-      Once you have completed the survey you will get an online entry in to the sweepstakes that are monthly in an automatic way. Then you have the opportunity of winning the gift card of shoe carnival worth $200.

Sweepstakes Survey Rules:

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