Win $100 In Shoppers Listens Survey

In the world of business, image is everything. To ensure that clients have a favorable opinion of their brand, most business entities will from time to time ensure that they have their finger on the pulse of business. Having their ear on the ground is best captured by periodically taking surveys on customer satisfaction.

Shoppers listens survey is one such survey. The only difference between this survey and your more traditional surveys is in the fact that the online portal is the tool that is used to interact with the respondents. The ‘audit’ that is conducted basically weighs the performance of stores, restaurants, and a wide variety of edible consumer products procured from various stores. As stated at the beginning of this article, the purpose of having this kind of survey is to ensure that the customer is truly the king. This is a winning formula for both the customer and the franchise in the following manner – the customer at the very least gets to vent in the event that the quality of service of product is wanting, plus they stand to win a gift voucher that is valued at $ 100. Similarly, the franchise benefits from this arrangement from getting the necessary feedback from its clients on the aspects of its operation it needs to change and acting accordingly. The above scenario is definitely a win –win situation for the actors involved.

The Guidelines:

  • Foremost, you will need to log on to the online shopping survey. Entry to this portal is via the web link
  • At any one time there are a number of products being reviewed in the online surveys that are taking place, choose the one that captures your fancy – this will require that you click on a hyper link under the product and begin filling up a number of data fields;
  • Whatever survey you elect to take has a number of data fields that you have to fill – the sample questions obviously vary depending on what is being surveyed. The long and short of the matter is that you might be required to give details such as address – not mandatory though – for the online survey to build a data base of those who form its pools of likely respondents.

This online survey is also on a mobile platform Mobile free SIM UK . This ingenious way of surveying customer satisfaction via the online world is an idea that is catching up rapidly. Retail stores, restaurants, products among others are all in the cross hairs of this friendly audit. This as stated earlier is a win- win for everybody that is involved in the process.

Since surveying is done using tools such as online questionnaires much of the cost associated with logistics is curtailed resulting in higher frequency surveys and consequently better products and services. Register today and make your voice as a consumer count today. Healthy feedback, constructive criticism, and better quality service is what emerges when a co-operation between the consumer and the supplier is on the cards, and for this leap of faith both are no doubt winners.

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