Earn Reward From Sears Shop Your Way Rewards By Signing Up

Whenever a list of notables in the world of retail shopping is tallied in North America, you can take this assertion to the bank- Sears, will always be high up on that list.

An Overview Of Sears Stores:

Founded in the mid nineteenth century, this mid range store was bought out by K-mart to form a conglomeration that goes under the banner Sears Holding Corporation. Under this banner, the holding houses a number of subsidiaries: Sears Department store;  Sears Hardware stores; Sears Appliance stores; Sears Hometown stores to name but a few.  This mid –range store truly believes in the concept that the customer is king and towards this end invests in programs that are designed to show its gratitude to its clients. One such program is the Sears, shop your way rewards, the mechanics of this program or rather how you can join this bandwagon are explained below.

How You Can Be A Part Of This:

  • The very first step that you ought to take is visiting the official site www.ShopYourWayRewards.com
  • The portal that you are ushered into is the Sears Shop your Way main web page- click on the active link (Join now and earn today) ;
  • You will be directed to a page where you sign in to activate your points – there is an option of entering if you are signed in on Facebook, you however are a first timer on this portal and thus will need to  click on the activate link (sign in) that is at the top right end of the page;
  • The preceding action will be the first and thankfully only step that you require to open an account to accrue your points – simply give your email account, and your password. Sears will then send a communiqué to your email confirming that your account has been activated and what is more giving you a password for your Sears account.

In one leap – simply giving your e-mail address – you basically put aside the business that goes with opening an account. This sets you up to be the recipient of the reward scheme that Sears offers its fellow shoppers.  You need to understand that points are earned with every purchase – this applies to both online purchases as well as point of sale purchases. For every dollar purchase that you make you get to earn some ten points. The purpose of saving these points is of course to allow you to redeem these points –in other words to obtain products at slashed prices – at some future date. Needles to say, for this to work the points have to be commuted to a cash value – the message is clear, the more points you accumulate, the greater your line of ‘pre-paid’ credit.

There are a number of rewards that people get in addition to their points, to find out what these rewards are, you will need to first enlist. There are many words that can be used to describe this gesture – the customer is king, the customer counts, the customer do not get lost in the translation, imply sign up for the reward system and start winning today.

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