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It is an intelligent and attractive strategy to reward members by different and exciting prizes like some discount offers; some exciting extra points etc. and this strategy is now becoming the part of many well known companies because this will attract many of the customers and will automatically increase the market value of that particular company or store. Speedway is also one of the convenience stores which provide its customers with all the things at one place, and on becoming their member you will be awarded with the opportunity to earn points. This you can do by following given steps.

How To Earn Points?

  • Click on the link to visit the official page.
  • On homepage you will have all the options, if you are already a member then enter your Pin number and email to earn points but if you are not a member then first get yourself registered by clicking on the “register you card” option on the right side of the page.
  • This will direct you to the registration page where you will have to provide your Speedy card number in the required field. This number is present on your card which you will get at the time of shopping.
  • After that enter all the characters that were given in the above column.
  • Lastly in the end, click on the submit button to conclude the process.


Earning points is never been to easy before as you can earn by becoming a Speedy Rewards member. This is an easy and simple process which you have to follow to avail this precious facility. You will be rewarded with extra points such as discount on your every purchase. This is one of the reasons that made this company popular and famous.

About Company:

Speedway is one of the largest and leading convenience stores chains in the world. It provides with all the necessities of life, everything of which you think to its customers on reasonable prices with special touch of discounts. It is committed to make the life of their customers more valuable and full of comfort. It always based its policies on rules and laws. Basically it is an ethical company which never compromise on its ethics. It is the fourth largest chain of convenience stores in the world and has its headquarters based in Ohio, Eon.

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