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It is every guardians wish that their child has a great run in their schooling years. For this desire to be realized one has to expose the student to a multitude of learning resources, and select one that is fitting to the personality of a particular student.

Vocabulary Spelling City Packages:

Vocabulary spelling city is one of the learning resources that you should mull over exposing your child to. This learning resource has a number of teaching resources such as math, vocabulary, compound words and so on. There are three basic ways that one can access this resource, the three are listed below.

  • The no registration option – This is the most basic way to access the resource. One need only go to the homepage, click on the test, or game that you want to take part in, and play. This option basically offers you an appetizer of sorts on what to expect if you do become a fully paid up member;
  • Basic membership – This option will require that you register for an account and this enables you save your lists. There is no membership charge, and there is no time limit that is imposed on the use of your account. Membership also allows you to add a link to your school page;
  • Premium membership – This is the third option that is open to anyone who wants to access the cream of Vocabulary Spelling City. The benefits that are conferred upon a premium member are as follows: No commercial ads, individual students have their own login, members have access to premium games and activities, there is a wide access to vocabulary content, and lastly there are a myriad of assignments that are open up to the members.

Signing UP FOR A Vocabulary Spelling City:

The next logical step to ask then is this: How do I become a Premium member? Below is a guideline of sorts:

  • Go to the main web page – ;
  • Click on the active link tagged registration – registration is a two step process ( foremost you have to furnish the administrator of the website with your name, and e-mail address, and then choose a user name; the second step involves you keying the relationship between you and the student – there are two options( parent and teacher);
  • The last step of the process involves you clicking on the register button. In this way, you have a Vocabulary Spelling City account.


An account facilitates your purchase of this Premium membership. The cost(s) of purchasing this learning tool varies with the student population that is served. The minimum membership fee is pegged at $ 29 for serving a minimum of $ 5, for a student population that is over 5,000 students the membership is tagged at $ 1.40 per student.

As stated from the outset of the article exposing your children to the right learning resources is definitely the way to go if you want to ensure that you child has a successful run through the education system, get on board today.

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