Participate In Sports Authority Customer Survey To Get Coupons

Sports authority is a sporting goods store with a complete range of sporting equipments. Sports authority is a widely known name and a trusted store for sports equipment’s. Even professional athletes will find Sports Authority’s range diverse and comprehensive. Sports Authority provides high quality sports equipment which and industry leading services. It places a lot of trust in its customers and values their opinions as much as it values them. The retail establishment wishes to mould itself in accordance with the customer requirements and needs. That is why Sports Authority has launched an Online Survey that is designed to ascertain how the consumers feel about Sports Authority, about the product and services offered and how can it improve its standard of services to the customers.

The questionnaire is easy and convenient to fill and is not at all lengthy.

Requirements of The Survey:

  • To participate in the survey you will need a computer with internet access
  • You must also have shopped at Sports Authority recently and must have a receipt for your purchase.

Steps To Take The Survey:

  •          Visit the following website to take the survey
  •          Choose the language in which you want to take the survey.
  •          Carefully look at the diagram displayed on the next web page and write the survey invite number printed on your receipt.
  •          Also write the time you made your purchase which also can be found on your receipt.
  •          Then answer the simple questions to complete the survey

Sports Authority wishes to thank its customers for taking the survey and for shopping at Sports Authority. After you have completed the survey you will be awarded a $10 coupon which will get you $10 off on all your purchases of $50 or above. Customers can leave also leave their feedback sharing their experience of shopping at Sports Authority. If they enjoyed their last visit they can leave a positive feedback but if they didn’t they can also register their suggestions and complaints online. All the findings of the survey will be duly noted and will be acted upon. Sports Authority aims to seriously enforce the suggestions its customers make and how the store can make it a better place to shop. Help Sports Authority to make itself improve its services because it is in fact for your own convenience and benefit so that Sports Authority can enhance your sporting experience and pleasure as it has been doing for so long.


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