Take Grocery Store Survey Online And Win Exciting Prizes

Companies which offer their feedback surveys with the option of exciting prizes get to attract a lot many customers. It becomes a great interest for people to go at the respective websites and fulfill the whole procedure. Now through the feedback survey your chances of winning exciting and grand prizes have increased. One can easily go their site and take part in the survey. For this purpose, one does not need to have any technical or professional skills. You just need to visit their store and then give your experience regarding this.


  • Connect your high speed internet on the device which you use for accessing websites.
  • When it gets connected, go at the following website which is www.storefeedback.com .
  • You will see their survey page. Firstly for confirmation that whether you are their customer or not, you will need to enter the store number in the related box.
  • They will also ask form you that at what date you visited their store, receipt number which you visited.
  • Click the ‘Enter’ button after all this and their questionnaire page will appear.
  • Answer each of the question sequence wise and do not leave a single one.
  • Give them your own comments and opinions in the box that will appear in the end.
  • For winning their prizes, you have to provide your complete personal and contact information to them.
  • Once you submit all the information and have completed the steps, then click the Finish button and close the window.


Company feedback survey is very much easy to be filled out. There are no difficult steps included in it and everybody can take part in this survey who has been their customer. Once you fill out their survey they will keep you updated every time about their new deals and offers.

About Company:

This is a retailing store that is selling food items and also non food items towards their customers. In their stores, they have a separate section for supermarket products and a separate one for the packaged food in hypermarket. People can easily find prepared and frozen food items from them.

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