Win $2000 In Loblaw Stores Survey

Canada’s largest food retailer – Loblaw Companies Limited – is conducting a survey to gauge customer satisfaction. Loblaw, one of Canada’s largest private firms, will run this poll during the entire year. There are a number of monthly cash prizes that are being granted to those who participate in this online poll.

The entity has in excess of one thousand franchise stores that are spread throughout the country. The entity employs in excess of 135,000 employees on both a full time and part time basis. In addition to these numbers, the entity boasts in excess of 5,000 private labels that are hawked under the Loblaw brand name.  These are but some of the figures that are associated with this brand.

To partake in the Loblaw store opinion survey the guideline that you need to follow resembles something like this:

Guidelines :

  • Foremost, you need to check out any cash receipts that you receive from any Loblaw store to get an invite to the Loblaw survey;
  • Click on the following hyper link- –  that is where the online survey is being conducted;
  • You will be directed to a portal where you need to select the language that you want to take the survey in; there are basically four tribes ( English, French, Arabic, and Chinese), elect the language that you are most comfortable with;
  • At the bottom of the page there is a directional button indicated by an arrow, click on it to begin the process;
  • Before filling out the questionnaire you will need to demonstrate that you qualify for the sampling exercise. Qualifying in this case is determined by the series of four questions you need to answer prior to taking the survey. Age, region, the availability of an invite, and code of the receipt that you hold – those are the data fields that you will need to enter to ensure that you partake in the entire process.

Once you are through with this “security check” you basically get to answer the series of questions in the questionnaire that you are provided with. The questionnaire that you get should basically be dispensed with in less than ten minutes. In the event that you have problems filling up the form you can contact the customer care personnel by the hyperlinks that are provided on the main web page.  Filling this questionnaire gets you enlisted in a  main draw ; in this draw participants  basically get to win a series of monthly prices – $ 100( for five persons);$ 500 ( for seven individuals); and lastly $ 2,000 for one person.

What To Note:

The draw has a number of rules and regulations that govern it – rules that are under the ambit of federal laws – ensure that you read through the rules to avoid being disadvantaged; and the research is being conducted by Ipsos Reid Marketing Research. To ensure that you partake in this poll, get your code from the cash receipts you get at any counter and shop at Canada’s largest food retailer – Loblaw.

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