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The only constant in life is change! That truism has remained unchallenged ever since the inception of time. The wind of change is slowly blowing across many traditional modes of doing things; one such area is in the field of education.

Archipelago learning is the entity that is responsible for shaking up things in the education sector and the name that will be constantly harped on in the course of this article is Study Island. Archipelago is subscription based software that deals with matters regarding educational studies. The subscription to this software stands at 14 million strong; this subscription represents subscribers from both North America and Great Britain.

The main cash cow of this software Archipelago is the software Study Island. The Study Island brand offers a series of sate specific benchmaking products for use in schools that are used by skill administrators to assess the student’s capability to assess the student’s skill level prior to taking up an exam. The other product created by the Study Island brand is an online resource for students and teachers that include tests for students from kindergarten level up to the twelfth grade level.

The business at hand however has to deal with matters regarding signing up to Study Highland, specifically signing up for the High school level, the guide that you will need to travel is expounded upon below:

Registration Process

  • Prior to registration, your will need a user name that is provided by a school district, if you are accessing site via a school district sign in;
  • In the event that you are accessing the site via the personal route you will need to simply contact the customer care personnel to be briefed on what getting a user name entails.;
  • The hyper link that you will need to tap into regarding study link is the official hyper link –


Study Island traces its inception back to the year 2000.Originally; it was designed as an online tool that was a tool to assess the proficiency of Ohio students. Two years later the tools deployed by the software has expanded to four states, and was being used to serve some 180 schools. Study Island is owned by a holding company referred to as Archipelago Learning. Other subsidiaries of Archipelago life are Teacher web, and North Star Learning –a post secondary learning portal.


As stated from the outset of this article, the only invariable in life is change. The world of education as was the convention has evolved from  the traditional classroom set up to something almost futuristic. The changes that have been brought on board by this novel concept that is Study Island ensures that no child is left behind in so far as learning is concerned, that individuals are able to learn as per their core strengths, and that school districts do not jump the gun in so far as assessing their preparedness for exams is concerned. Think about it and jump on to the right side of history.

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