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Are you a resident of the state of Florida? Are you interested in starting a business?  If the answer to the above two questions is yes, then this article is tailored specifically tailored for you.

The Business Of Corporations:

There is one issue that is often put to the periphery of issues when planning the inception of a corporation, that little issue is the politics that is involved with registration. Yes, matters that deal with the incorporation of a business can be both simple and complicated at the same time. Simple if you know how to navigate the bureaucratic headache that the exercise involves; complex when you misunderstand the entire process. In the past (and not distant past at that) report filing was a chore that ate valuable man hours of business. Luckily, the online world happened and thanks to technological advancements everything has been simplified.

A Guide On How To Go About Online Registration:

In Florida the online portal that you will be working with is Sunbiz™. Sunbiz ™ is the online portal that you will need to use if you want to register with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations. The guidelines on how you can basically register online are given below:

  • Your very  first step is to log on to the official website .
  • On the menu bar there is an e-filing option, click on this bar, there is a dichotomy that is availed to you, click on the annual report filing option;
  • The page that opens up to you has only one data field – and consequently one demand on you- you need to give the document number and press the submit number. This leads you to a portal where you are faced with a questionnaire that you need to judiciously fill out in compliance to statutory laws of the state of Florida.
  • When you have filled all data filed simply, click on the save button, and in one fell swoop you have dealt with matters that pertain to filing corporate returns.

This automated process forever closed the chapter on the contentious issues that used to crop up when filing chipped into hours of business time.  This is an option that is open to residents of the state of Florida.  There is one advantage that is often overlooked when dealing with matters electronic filing – the process immediately enters a company into an online data base of companies where the public can conduct queries on the details of a corporation still at the touch of a button.


Apart from matters regarding electronic filling those who use this online portal can use this portal to ensure that they contact the division of corporations for whatever reason(s) they could possibly have; they can use this portal to ensure that they can use the portal to conduct document searches (searches on corporations, and trademarks); obtain forms, and have any questions that you might have on any matter relating to corporations answered on the portal. Check out this portal today and make your work as a corporate citizen easy.

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