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Sun Trust Bank Inc. is a major force to reckon with in the Southern parts of the USA. The bank, established in the year 1891, has its headquarters in Atlanta. In total this bank has some 1,659 bank branches in the Southern states of the USA.

In the core business of banking the bank specializes in both commercial banking, and retail banking. Outside banking the subsidiaries of Sun Trust bank basically deal with matters regarding insurance, securing mortgages, and asset financing, asset management, and basically every possible service that you can possibly think of in the financial services sector.

Signing Up:

The article is however tailored for individuals whose involvement with the bank deals with matters that are strictly banking – specifically personal banking. Below is a guideline on how exactly one can sign up for online banking at the Sun Trust bank, kindly read on.

  • Your first port of call should be on the following hyper link – ;
  • This link offers you a number of accounts that one can open online at Sun Trust Bank – there are two basic account that you can basically open a checking account, and a Money Market Savings Account, whatever option captures your fancy click on the apply now button;
  • You will need a number of things to fill in the data fields during the application process – your social security number, your Sun Trust Account number, and a Personal Identification Number (P.I.N);
  • At the end of the process, you will need only to click on the save button and in that instance you are well and truly finished with the process of signing up for an online account with Sun Trust Bank.

It is to be noted that on opening an account with the Sun Trust Bank, the vendor immediately sends a Security Access Code via e-mail. The simple process that it takes to complete the instructions contained in your e-mail ensure that you also automatically enroll for online banking. Online banking as a facility of modern banking has a number of advantages that are tied to it; some of them are listed below.

Why Register For Sun Trust Online Banking:

There are a myriad of advantages that come with online banking, some of them include the fact that you are able to manage your account online, second, you are pay all your bills online and this saves you the hustle of going from vendor to vendor; third, online banking bears the assurance that you will constantly be abreast of matters concerning your account – this is by the constant alerts on matters pertaining to interest payments, minimum balance and so on.


There are two positives that you should touch upon in this entire narrative  – first is the fact that Sun Trust is a major player in the banking industry in the Southern states, second is the fact that this bank offers a novel service – online banking – a service that is a winner for the cosmopolitan citizen. Think about the convenience offered by online banking, and sign up today.

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