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If you are not satisfied with any of the company’s service and you want to inform the company then you are provided a chance to convey your message to the authority through survey arranged by the company. The company launches a questionnaire form for their customer that is available for all of the customers. The customers are not restricted for any of their comments and suggestions. If anyone of you thinks that your suggestion is going to be the part of trash then it is your wrong thought. Feel relax that your comments and opinions are judged and examined and accordingly improvements are brought in the performance and services of the company. You must take this survey as your duty. The company works for as better as it can but even then there are some problems that could only be taken out by the customers. The questionnaire contains few questions about the services and experience of the company.

For the ease of the customers now the company provides this survey over internet so the customers could not face any problem in taking this survey. They need to visit the survey site and questionnaire is available there.


  • To take the survey online visit .
  • On the home page there are few fields in which you have to enter the required information.
  • In the very first field type the store number of 5 digits given on the receipt.
  • In the second field type the receipt number of 4 digits given on the receipt.
  • In the third field type the till number of 3 digits given on the receipt.
  • In the fourth field type your amount of purchase given on the receipt.
  • There is a button “start”, click on it to take the survey.
  • Answer the questions honestly and accurately as it is your trustee.
  • You can use your receipt as coupon after taking the survey if the purchase amount is more than 10 euros.


Survey is beneficial for both the company and the customers. The company gets suggestions about them and the customers get some of the prizes by the company. You should take this survey because it gives you best quality products by the company as you want.

About Company:

The official name is super drug store PLC. It is a retail store of cosmetics and was established in 1964.

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