Enjoy GAP Customer Experience Survey

Launched by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher GAP, the American clothes, accessories and apparels’ retailer is known for its brands popular brands Gap, Banana Republic and Old navy.

About Survey

Like every other player in a specialty retailing industry GAP is also committed to create value for its customers. To ensure that its customers get an all –inclusive product assortment, an attractive store layout and quality customer support services GAP regularly conducts a customer satisfaction survey for its client’s feedback.

Well the biggest reward for any loyal customer is obviously a token of reciprocal loyalty by the service provider. Following this rule GAP offers a discount coupon for its customers. If you have recently done some shopping at GAP store in USA or Canada you could get 20 percent off GAP coupon for your next purchase of any regularly priced item. [pullquote color=”blue” align=”right”]For Support & Help About Survey, Please Email [email protected][/pullquote]

How To Take Part In GAP Customer Satisfaction Survey


Anyone with a valid purchase receipt from any GAP store can take part in the customer satisfaction survey of GAP, provided they have a web enabled device with internet access.

To ensure transparency of  store the company does not allow its own employees or employees of any consumer research, market research , public promotions or advertising agency ; and family members of any such employees to take part in this  survey.

Step By Step Guide

To take part in the GAP survey you can go to www.survey4GAP.com this address will automatically land you to the page hosting the survey at https://survey6.datacollectionsite.com/mrIWeb/mrIWeb.dll.

  1. Look for the language you can read at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Provide age and gender.
  3. Identify your family relations with any store employee or employee of prohibited person as explained above.
  4. Now provide your store number from top of purchase receipt. This will be five digits long.


If you are a GAP shopaholic with a budget and are sick of choosing the on sale item then try and take out just fifteen minutes off your busy routine and log on to website.Fill in a form and enjoy your discount coupon for 20 percent off at your very next trip to the any Gap store.

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