Old Navy Customer Experience Survey

The Old Navy is a clothing brand which is basically American and was founded on 1994. Its head quarter is located in San Francisco, California, United States and the numbers of its locations have reached to 1027 stores owned by the Gap Inc. When the company started its first stores they were bigger than any other clothing store present before. Its main goal and target is to provide the teens and adults the eat designs and quality with fulfilling their demand of balanced price because the especially to those customers who are conscious about prices.

About Survey

To bring changing and to introduce new innovations in their store so that their customers can experience a completely new change, this attracts them even more to the store and is according to their demand that is why the Old Navy is conducting the survey.


1-      You must have a computer along with the internet access.

2-      You must have the receipt from your shopping which you have done from the Old Navy most recently which is containing the invitation for the survey.

Step By Step Procedure:

1-      Click on the link http://www.survey4on.com and you will be directed to the website of Old Navy for the survey for customer experience.

2-      Now select your language in which you want to participate in the survey from English, French and Spanish.

3-      Now select the “Begin Survey” option.

4-      Provide some personal information like your name, age , gender  and then indicate that whether you have any current member of the family who is working at the Old Navy and then select the “Next” option.

5-      Provide the 5-digit code which is the store number and then select the “Next” option.

6-      Now type your register number, transaction code along with the date.

7-      Once you have provided all the steps then initiate the survey and all of the above information will be printed on the receipt.

8-        The survey will consume your 10 to 12 minutes only and you must fill it with honesty depending on the experience that you had while shopping at the Old Navy store.

9-      When the survey is finished the participant is rewarded with a coupon through which you can easily get 10% off in your next shopping from the Old Navy.

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