FIB&T Mortgage Survey

The FIB&T, or the First International Bank and Trust, as it is called, was inaugurated on 1 May, 1910 in Arnegard, North Dakota. The bank was then moved to the Watford City in 1934, and before moving here the bank was formerly known as the Farmer’s State Bank of Arnegard. It is currently in the acquisition of the Stenehjem family. The bank has its branches in North Dakota, Arizona and Minnesota.

The First International Bank and Trust offers a wide spectrum of services. From credit cards to loans, from mortgages to online banking and from insurance services to investment advisory services, the bank has everything for its customers!

The bank aims to be a high performing bank by providing financial solutions to its customers in a community banking manner. The bank also provides services to communities to make them grow and to serve a wider number of customers. This is why the FIB&T has come up with an online survey of its customer’s experiences and feedbacks so the quality of services can be improved. If you have taken a mortgage from the FIB&T recently, then you should visit the website and take part in the survey so that you help the honorable bank in providing high quality services.

How To Participate In The FIB&T Customer Survey?

The survey takes about only a few minutes and is free from any complexities. It is online so all you need is an internet connection, a computer system and the receipt slip of your recent mortgage.Following is a guide to participate in the survey of one of USA’s oldest and well reputed banks.

  • Go to the First International Mortgage Survey website at this link:
  • Type in the receipt number printed on your slip
  • Answer the questions in the survey from the given choices of answers. Choose the answer which you think is the most appropriate according to your experience.
  • The progress bar at the bottom of the webpage shows how far you have gone and how much of the survey is left
  • Fill in any additional details you would like to give in your words, in the space provided at the end of the survey
  • Click on ‘Done’ to finish the survey.


The FIB&T survey is easy to do and takes little of your time. The company also values the feedback of its customers and considers it an opportunity to grow.

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