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Sharing your creativity through Multimedia messaging is the easiest with the smart phones and another technology enabled device. Once you have the right decide that is appropriately configured for sending and receiving the multimedia services all you got to do is to make sure that you are using the right telecom company that supports the picture and video formats.

The sender of a picture message has to send it from a web enabled device through an internet service provider’s network or through the mobile device that supports picture and videos through a carrier company that carries such file formats as jpg. or wmv. Etc

The receiving end does not have to worry about the carrier it only has to be configured properly so that it receives the picture messages and can view it. In case the settings of the receiving device are not appropriate then the picture messages are lost and can not be viewed later also.

If you do not own a picture mobile but want to enjoy viewing pictures of your friends family and loved ones T Mobile has been providing a one of a kind service that lets the receiver of a multimedia message get to the video message through an alternative source if is device could not receive it at the time it was sent.

Step By Step Guide

  1. If you are using T Mobile as a carrier and have a message shown on your mobile screen that says  “You have received a picture message” make sure you read the massage in full as it will contain a retrieval password for you to be able to view the message online.
  2. Next step is to try sending the message to someone else and check if you have correct settings at a picture phone.
  3. If your settings are not working and you don’t want to fix it immediately OR if you have a no picture phone then follow the three steps below.
    1. Register for an online account at T mobile website by entering your ten digit long telephone number at their website and initiating a “send me a password request”. Check your inbox on your phone set get the password and re-enter at the website page. You are now an online account holder at T Mobile.
    2. Log onto and login using your user id (phone number) and password creates at step one above.
    3. Browse through the gallery to check for your pictures.

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