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A Drive thru is what makes fast food really FAST. If you think you know a lot on fast food chain then answer this question? Who was the pioneer of drive thru concept in fast food industry? If you thin McDonalds is the answer, you are wrong. You think it was KFC? Wrong again.

Believe it or not the modern day concept of drive through fast food was first applied in A Jack in the Box restaurant in San Diego, USA. The name may sound unfamiliar but it quite popular in Dallas, Huston, Detroit, Chicago and New York and yes its state of origin San Diego for its Jumbo Jacks. Breakfast Jacks

The drive thru theme was invented by Mr. Robert O Peterson, a famous American philanthropist and businessman who later integrated this with an intercom to enhance efficiency. He ventured first in the restaurant industry through Topsy’s later named as Oscar’s throughout San Diego. The first Jack in the Box was originally an “Oscar” at El Cajon Boulevard.

Voice Of The Guest Survey

If you dine at any “Jack in the Box: restaurant you are a Guest who is there to be pampered and served and not a customer who is just a source of revenue. To get to know its guests better it gives then their own platform to raise their voice and be heard through its Voice of The guest survey.

The customers are also redeemed for their survey inputs through a monthly and a yearly grand prize drawing in sweepstakes.


All citizens and legal residents of USA can participate in the survey through their website :

  1. If you bought something from the drive through OF Jack In The Box
  2. If you dined in at Jack In The Box
  3. If you bought food at the Jack In The Box store for take away
  4. If you have a Jack in The Box eaten and/or are invited to fill online survey form through other means.

The survey is administered by a third party survey management company called Service Management Group, Inc.

Step Wise Guide To Participate

  1. Visit the website given below
  2. If you speak Spanish Click the link Espanol to take you to Spanish version
  3. Enter the fifteen digit code printed on the middle of your invitation.
  4. Choose your visit type (Drive-Thru, Carry-out or Dine-In)
  5. Rate your overall satisfaction level
  6. Provide feedback on food quality, service efficiency and speed.
  7. Provide feedback on store layout and staff friendliness.
  8. Provide input on problem solving skills of staff
  9. Provide input on food item ordered , value deals tried if any , and frequency of visits
  10. Tell about your favorite fast food chain
  11. Give personal information like gender , zip code , name , phone number email and age to  get yourself registered as a participant in sweepstakes.

Privacy Policy

Privacy statement explains online privacy practices in detail. The survey collects personal information like name, email address, transaction information, IP address, domain, internet browser and Operating system type.

This information is used in survey integrity management, website management, business research and for fulfillment of incentives. Reasonable technical, physical and protective safeguards are placed to ensure security against unauthorized access. Under exceptional circumstances like fraud prevention, legal rights enforcement, transfer of assets to other concern (merger , buyout); disclosure may be made to third parties but on strict covenant of confidentiality of information.

Important Tips

If you want to change your response at any stage you can go back and change at any stage before pressing “Next” on the last screen that submits your form.

Jack in the Box- Voice of the Guest Customer Survey form gives a chance to participate in sweepstake to win a 10,000 Dollars cash Prize and participate in Grand Prize Draw also.

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  2. Sweepstakes Rules:
  3. Jack in the Box Homepage:



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