Get $ 500 In KFC Opinion Survey Sweepstakes

If truth be told, there are very few businesses in the world that can hold a candle to KFC. KFC is of course the acronym for the term Kentucky Fried Chicken. The business has been in operation for the last 59 years – a testimony of its longevity as well as diverse product that appeals to its clients; the entity has a foot print in 105 countries across the globe; and lastly the brand that Colonel Sanders established bears that instant recognition, thanks to the ‘Grandpa’ icon that has made it a household name.

A Little History Of KFC:

The road to the top has not been easy – beginning with the very inception of a dream by the founder who at the age of 65 birthed an idea whose model is still the stuff of legend. This sort of creativity was to spill over to the ownership of ingredients – as an entity KFC has patents of some of the largest number of original ingredients that are held by an entity in the food industry. Good ideas, and a creative streak are good, however good can only take you so far. The third cog that is responsible for the staying power of KFC is its loyal client base. Remember the old truism, the client is king rings true here.

Due to the central role that the client plays in any business KFC will periodically feel the pulse of clients to give insights on their take on what KFC is doing right, what KFC is doing wrong, and what KFC could do better. Towards this end KFC has been running a KFC customer opinion sweepstakes for the better part of this year.  An overview on how this sweepstakes runs and the manner that you can log on are expounded on below:


  • Foremost, you will need to click on to the online portal ; this is the portal;
  • When you click on the link above you will need to be screened – this means you need to answer a series of questions ( what KFC shop you visited, your area of residency, the code that is given by the serial number, and that sort of thing);
  • Finishing the screening process ushers you into the survey/ questionnaire and you will be required to answer a set of close ended questions that deal with matters pertaining to customer satisfaction. When you clear with them press okay and the data that you have put in is saved.

Why Take This Survey?

The entire process is designed to last no more than 10 minutes. Filling up the questionnaire puts you in the draw for goodies that accrue to those enlisted in the sweepstake. The top prize is of course a tablet that is valued at $ 500 and which goes to the address of a sole winner every two weeks. From whatever angle you look at it from, this is definitely the best of both worlds- you get to eat from your favorite eatery whilst at the same time standing in line to get a raft of prizes – talk about having your cake and eating it!

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