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People started to think that the era of hamburger was out after the giant zinger burgers and twisters were introduced but the Wendy’s proved them completely wrong. Wendy’s is the fast food chain restaurant which was founded by Dave Thomas in 1569 in Columbus, Ohio. It is present in 6650 locations and is the third largest fast food restaurant in burgers after McDonalds and the Burger King. Majority of North America prefers the Wendy’s to get the best hamburgers. The Wendy’s have a very specific menu card they provide different styles  and sizes in ham burgers, chicken sandwiches and French fries along with beverages and Frosty which is a specialty of the Wendy’s and is frosted chemicals and artificial sugars and is available in different flavors. There was no signature burger of the Wendy’s like other burger brands until they introduced the “W”. The Wendy’s is franchised and the menus have little variations with respect to the region where its franchise is available like some of the Wendy’s also offer breakfast menu having burritos, sandwiches and many other specialties.

Why The Receipt Of The Wendy’s Should Be Kept Safe?

 The Wendy’s receipt has a 8-digit code printed on them. Do not throw away this receipt after you have paid your bill and keep it safe. This receipt contains the code with which you can enter the Wendy’s survey and can have the chance to win gift cards and can enter in the sweepstakes.

 Procedure To Participate In The Survey?


1-      Visit your Wendy’s restaurant and order your favorite item.
2-      Keep the receipt safe instead of throwing it away.
3-      Visit the Wendy’s official website.
4-      Select the language for the survey from English, Spanish and French.
5-      Enter for the customer satisfaction survey by choosing to click on the option “Take Survey” instead of “Question/Comment?”
6-      Enter the 8-digit code printed on the receipt.
7-      Enter the date of dinning in or the date when you visited the Wendy’s.
8-      Enter the amount of Purchase or the amount of your bill.
9-      Give your E-mail address and the required information.
10-  Click “Next” and continue to give the survey.
11-  Give your honest feedback depending on the experience you had while dining at the Wendy’s
12-  You will be entered in the sweepstakes to get different prizes if you win.


 1-      You need a computer with an internet connection.

2-      You must be above the age of a8 or of a8 years.

3-      You must be a citizen of the United States.

4-      You must have the receipt from the Wendy’s to type the 8-digit code.

5-      Your opinions must be true and honest.

 The Wendy’s have not changed its style or the main theme of their food but have introduced various new innovations and improvement along the way of their presentation which is very much impressive and the most important is that they have never stopped struggling. The surveys are being held to get new ideas to introduce many new and much better innovations according to the taste of the people.

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